Friday, 8 February 2013

HW for Thursday 21st February

Module 3 assessment on Thursday 21st February, so you need to revise all units from Module 3:

  • Ou habites tu?: Where do you live?
  • Ma maison : My house
  • Ma chambre : My bedroom
  • Le soir : In the evening
  • Quelle heure est il? : What time is it?

Bonnes vacances.

Friday, 18 January 2013

Work for 18th January

Make a poster about your ideal house by including all the rooms and label them in French.
Make it colourful!

Bonne chance.

Friday, 19 October 2012

Module 1 assessment- Test on Wednesday 24th October.

Revise every unit from Module 1 " C'est parti".  Vocabulary in booklet on pages 24-25

  • Bonjour (greetings) 
  • Dans mon sac (In my school bag)
  • Quel age as tu? (how old are you?)
  • Bon anniversaire ( Happy birthday)
  • En classe (classroom instructions)
  • Les couleurs ( colours)
Bonne chance.

Friday, 12 October 2012

Les devoirs pour jeudi le 18 Octobre (Homework due for 18/10/12)

Learn how to spell the 11 colours in French.

Try the strategy:

  1. LOOK carefully at the words at least 10 seconds- 
  2. SAY the word to yourself or aloud to practise pronunciation
  3. COVER up the word when you feel you have learned it
  4. WRITE the word from memory
  5. CHECK your word against the original


  • rouge - red
  • bleu- blue
  • vert- green
  • jaune-yellow
  • noir- black
  • blanc- white
  • marron- brown
  • gris- grey
  • orange- orange
  • rose- pink
  • violet- purple